Partner Sponsor Session: PubMatic

February 09, 2012—9:10 pm


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Session Title: Maximising Revenue and Creating Efficiencies 

It’s the era of big data, of big expectations for what that data will deliver and of what seem like thousands of intermediaries, all promising to tap into that data to deliver results. Gianluca Carrera, PubMatic’s VP of International, will discuss the latest developments in ad technology and will offer suggestions and solutions for those among you who have unsold inventory, insufficient yield management and inquiring management.

About the Speaker:

5Gianluca Carrera
International VP, UK MD

Gianluca is an industry veteran with more than 10 years of experience in online advertising and new media in the UK and across Europe. An early pioneer in online,  Gianluca  founded the first pan-European sponsored search engine and has held  senior positions at Overture and Yahoo in Europe, the latter of where he was VP of Operational Strategy.


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PubMatic’s ad monetization and management solution combines impression-level ad auction technology, the most comprehensive brand protection tools, and enterprise ad operations support to give the Web’s premium publishers the most control over their revenue and brand.

PubMatic has seven offices around the world in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Some of the world’s most respected online publishers have chosen to work with PubMatic, including The Huffington Post, eBay, United Online, TV Guide, and the majority of the comScore Top 10.