Partner Sponsor Session: Grapeshot

February 09, 2012—4:30 pm


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Session title: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

John Snyder, Chief Executive of Grapeshot leads a session detailing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the digital advertising eco-system.

 John will be taking a full group session demonstrating case studies for best practice when it comes to finding value through cutting-edge technology.


About the Speaker:


John Snyder




John Snyder, CEO, Grapeshot In 1992 John co-founded Muscat with Dr. Martin Porter and led its profitable commercial growth to a successful trade exit in 1997.

Muscat underpinned the search systems for numerous corporations including BBC, Nokia, NASA, UK Government, Greenpeace and Yell. From 2001, he led Business Creation at the Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre, invested in technology companies as a Cambridge Angel, and served on the board of the East of England Development Agency for five years until 2008.

He is CEO of Grapeshot, co-founded once again with Dr. Porter, and leads a strong technology and sales team based in Cambridge and London, UK. John holds a BA Honours degree from the University of Cambridge, where he remains "Entrepreneur in Residence.


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Grapeshot supplies real-time technology to enable customers, such as publishers, networks, agencies, direct clients and real time bidding platforms, to virtually segment or buy online advertising inventory and place ads, product promotions, or content in relevant contexts for improved performance.


The Grapeshot technology platform is built upon decades of deep academic research work at Cambridge University. The company operates from an R&D office in the heart of Cambridge, and a London office in Piccadilly.


Grapeshot is the UK's leading supplier of contextual technology for real-time decisions on where to serve display ads.