Panel Discussion: Operations’ Biggest Hurdle: Staffing

March 22, 2012—7:30 pm

Operations Biggest Hurdle: Staffing

For most operations leaders the biggest issue is staffing. From recruitment to retention, this panel will share their ideas on how to take control of staffing challenges and turn it from a weakness into a strength.




Rob Beeler

VP, AdMonsters

Diogo Soares de Albergaria

Network Director, Email at Adconion Media Group

Georgina Elrington

Operations Manager, REA Group

About the Speaker:


Georgie is an Operations Manager at REA Media. Originally starting with a major in Sociology at University she has spent 6 years in the media industry and worked across print and digital.

Her leadership and operational direction has been built through the belief that driving alignment of sales and operational teams towards one clear goal creates positive outcomes for the entire business.

Georgie’s ambition is to work collaboratively to break new ground and build teams, environments and systems that are exciting, engaged and efficient.

She is a member of the IAB (AUS) Standards and Guidelines Council and is the Australian Ambassador for Admonsters.

Georgie believes in strong supportive leadership with a passion for people, team culture and success.


Carly McElwain

Ad Ops Manager AU, LinkedIn

About the Speaker:


Carly has been involved in ad ops for about 6 years having originally starting out at a large newspaper conglomerate in the US. 

Carly is a transplant from LinkedIn’s Los Angeles office, she finds that the Australian Ad Operations community is small but fierce. Carly is constantly impressed by the talented and warm people that make up ad operations in Australia and is excited to be a part of the community in the years ahead.