Ops for the Indie Media Set

August 25, 2015—1:10 pm

In five years, Thought Catalog has become one of the 100 largest content sites in the country. As an independent, boot-strapped media company, Thought Catalog faces the same operational dilemmas as their older and larger cousins, but is forced to create unique, often-contrarian solutions. CRO and Partner Alex Magnin will pull back the curtain on how Thought Catalog addresses everything from dealing with agency ad ops, cutting smart network deals, evaluating data opportunities, and running a high-yield ops business with just a few employees.


  • Alex Magnin

    Chief Revenue OfficerThought Catalog
    Alex Magnin serves as Chief Revenue Officer and Partner of the millennial culture site ThoughtCatalog.com. In 5 years, Thought Catalog has grown independently into a Quantcast top-100 publisher, with over 25 million global unique readers per month. In 2014 Alex was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for media. Prior to Thought Catalog, Alex was on the founding team of Martini Media, the first and now largest media network for affluent audiences. Alex has additionally served 3 years on the board of Every Person Has A Story, a non-profit using social media to increase donations for local NGOs in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, and as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at OysterLabs, a mobile development firm. He studied at Wesleyan University.