Ops and Sales

May 15, 2012—7:30 pm

About the Session:


The Evolution of the Sales & Ops Relationship

The disparity between what Sales promise and what Ops see as deliverable is predominantly larger than we’d like it to be in the world of the Publisher. 

CPTs sold at less than what could be brought in via RTB or an Exchange, takeovers sold with little to no notice not to mention the dreaded ‘added value’ proposition. 

Join Naomi HahnHead of Display Strategy at Auto Trader as she leads a session offering up what they're doing at Auto Trader to help smooth the campaign process from pitch to implementation. Case studies, best practice, Sales Survey results and more in this revealing session. 


About the Speaker

Naomi Hahn
Head of Display Strategy
Trader Media Group

Naomi Hahn, Head of Display Strategy for Trader Media Group, began her career over 10 years ago as a PA at Advertising.com, a performance network, moving quickly through the company she accelerated through the sales team to become Agency Sales Manager followed by Strategic Sales Team Manager. Her roles involved working with both agencies and clients direct to understand marketing objectives and advise how best to deliver them through an optimised network; this involved getting into the nitty gritty of both performance based advertising campaigns and also targeted brand campaigns. Naomi then worked as a consultant advising companies on their online marketing strategy before taking up the role of Head of Display Advertising at Trader Media Group. Having spent spent years building a high performing team, rolling out new products, managing network solutions and consequently growing revenues, Naomi returned from maternity leave to a new position of Head of Display Strategy. This involves driving the commercial strategy of the display advertising products for agencies, dealers and networks/trading desks. This also involves managing and developing the AdOperations function within the business which manages over 1.5 billion ad impressions every month.