Operations for the Future

April 14, 2011—3:30 pm


About the Session:

Operations for the Future

It isn’t enough to simply operate efficiently with existing advertising products – operations must continually onboard new products, new platforms and new opportunities. This requires ad operations to stop saying “No” and start saying “Bring it On!”. Patricia Kill will talk about creating a nimble, fresh thinking environment that positions operations teams for success today and in the future.



About the Speaker

Patricia KillPatricia Kill
Sales Support Director, News International


Patricia has been Director of News international Sales Support for the past three years. Leading the Strategic and Operational Development of both Digital and Print workflows, Media planning and Ad Serving capability. In recent months News International’s lead in publishing to mobile devices and specifically iPad has added to the Media, Patricia and her team manage.

Having joined News International in 1998, Patricia’s background and experience encompasses, Sales, Operations and Business Enterprise. This has leant itself well to dealing with the rush of entrepreneurial activity that can often come with the introduction of new web and I-pad ad products.

On a day to day basis Sales Support provide efficient and effective ways of trafficking and optimising campaigns and ad materials across all of News Internationals.

Placing a high emphasis on people and their development. Patricia recruited Emily MacDonald as Head of Digital Ops and Strategy. Together they have transformed what was the Ad Trafficking team into a team focused on both efficient delivery today, while planning and developing ad products and ad serving and workflow solutions for the future.