Operationalizing for Multi-platform Creatives

August 02, 2012—6:55 pm


About the Session:

Operationalizing for Multi-platform Creatives

In today's world where digital advertising is no longer limited to display, the life of the ad operations professional in creative agencies just got tougher. As short as two years ago, the biggest challenge for creative ad ops teams was to make sure the banner ad - either rich or not - make it to the publisher on time and on spec. Today, this same person has to make sure the YouTube video is done to spec, the Facebook Sponsored Stories ad is done and integrates with the banner ad, video ad, and mobile ad… and make sure that all of them get sent to the right publishers - all 30 of them. Come and hear more about how one agency operations and technology veteran is handling this rapid evolution. Chandra will be speaking from experience based on his past XX years in the industry of which all of it was managing tech and operations teams with creative agencies.




About the Speaker

Chandra BarathiChandra is the Technical Director and Co-Founder at the Upper Storey - a "digitally borne" marketing agency that aims to inspire creativity and technical innovation to deliver results through-the-line. The Upper Storey recently became part of the Isobar Group.  Chandra spent years as a multimedia programmer and was the Executive Content Engineer at Ogilvy One Singapore before founding The Upper Storey.