Moving Beyond BT: Data Management Platforms and Big Data

March 01, 2012—3:35 pm

About the Session


Chris is the founder and CEO of the first remarketing network in the APAC region. His team has been in stealth mode over the past few months building the offering. The goal of this session is to shed light on the next big thing in audience targeting and how big data is the driving factor to make this happen. aSpecial Media will present the state of the art in data collections, analysis and practical use including how this is great news for ad targeting, and how to deal with legal and privacy aspects while at the same time provide a compelling solution for marketers, agencies and publishers. The lessons learnt are invaluable for any Publisher looking at remarketing as a new revenue channel.


About the Speaker


Christopher Yeo

Founder and CEO, aSpecial Media


Chris entered the IT industry 25 years ago after graduating with a computer science and mathematics degree. His experience spans creating new products to creating new companies. Among his successes is a software company that grew from inception in 1994 into an internationally-acclaimed supply chain execution software solutions provider. This company designed and built large-scale realtime systems deployed globally for Fortune 500 global companies, such as Panasonic and FedEx. Chris was actively involved in the programming, while steering the company as Chief Executive. More recently, he was responsible for putting in place a highly scalable and robust architecture and infrastructure empowering and Rednano LOCATE, Singapore Press Holdings' directory and mobile search application, to provide award-winning services. Chris is passionate about cloud computing, search and Web 2.0 technologies. He is currently designing and architecting realtime applications that live natively in the cloud. Chris is also researching the use of GPUs to power massively parallel algorithms in the cloud. An active participant in online social networks, he blogs frequently about topics ranging from technology to photography, and continues to do software coding.