Morning Keynote Address: What Data Do You Want and Why?

July 07, 2011—1:10 pm

About the Session

Topic: What Data Do You Want and Why?

We are all in the game of gathering data online because we know that the market can no longer sustain its current pricing position. The losers currently are the publishers, the agencies and the consumer. Online pricing and targeting has to change, if the online market is to continue to eat away at its older rivals (Radio, Press and T.V). Understanding the audience and influencing that audience with the right message, understanding their priorities and driving purchase though insight whilst sustaining reach is the key.


About the Speaker

Donald Hamilton
Partner at Precedio Consulting

Donald Hamilton’s career has focused on direct marketing and digital advertising from the start. Prior to joining wunderloop, Donald spent over six years as the Managing Director of AdLink Media Services Ltd (Hi Media), where he help grow the revenues and reputation of the company across Europe. He joined AdLink as a result of AdLink Media services acquisition of DoubleClick Media in 2001. At DoubleClick, Donald severed as Sales Director. His Experiences included Claritas (Acxiom), Dunn Humby and ICD. 

With over 15 years proven online branding, direct marketing and sales experience, with a hunger for growing and developing businesses and with a track record of placing companies at the forefront of the market to achieve success.