More Than a Test: Deriving Revenue Insight From Aggressive Multivariate Testing

March 05, 2012—8:30 pm



About the Session


More That a Test: Deriving Revenue Insight From Aggressive Multivariate Testing


Despite what ad networks might tell you, adding a new ad unit does not always produce incremental revenue – in fact, doing so often results in a negative effect on overall revenue. However, there are such things as optimal page layouts, and sometimes it’s possible to produce more revenue through fewer ads. This can all be shown mathematically with tightly controlled testing and rigorous statistics. Dmitri Kazanski, Advertising Operations Manager at Manta, details his own company’s experiments with split/multivariate testing and shares some of the eye-opening findings.


About the Keynote Speaker


Dimitri KazanskiDmitri Kazanski

Advertising Operations Manager



With over 11 years of experience in Internet advertising, Dmitri Kazanski manages the Advertising Operations Team at Manta, the leading online community for small business. Dmitri approaches monetization and advertising product development as science. He and his team rely on rigorous multivariate testing and statistical analysis to maximize total advertising revenue per user's visit while balancing it with user experience. They strive to achieve flawless implementation of complex direct advertising campaigns through continuous process improvement efforts. Prior to joining Manta in 2005, Dmitri served in similar positions at MedBanner and IndiAds. He has an MBA and an engineering degree.