Member Session: Yield Management as Done by Different Kinds of Companies

November 14, 2011—6:50 pm

About the Session

The Metrics of the Business


Depending on whether you manage ad operations for a traditional publisher or a digital only publisher, the metrics you use to measure the success of your business will vary. This session will bring together learnings from multiple publishers on how success metrics are defined, implemented and used. A must attend session if you've been trying to help your organization understand what's really happening on the digital side of the business.


About the Speaker

Reece Eaton, Planning Manager, MTV Networks, UK

Reece Howard Eaton – Nine year track record at MTV Networks, working across multiple areas of digital ad operations including trafficking; ad product and network administration; creative project management and, of course, inventory and revenue analytics. Before MTV, Reece worked across a pan-European ad operations team at Alta-Vista the search engine and also managed a multiple-website ad network for Ad Pepper Media UK.