Member Session: Privacy, Consumer Protection for Global Ad Ops

March 08, 2011—2:00 pm

About the Session

As the people closest to the data, Operations must understand the significance of pending regulation regarding consumer privacy not only in the United States but globally. This session will talk about what to expect in 2011 and beyond in terms of regulation, how to build a multi-national data protection policy and a “worst-case scenario” reaction plan.


About the Speaker

Paul GellerPaul Geller
EVP, Information Products

Paul Geller is the Executive Vice President for Information Products at He has written, produced, and performed on many indie and major distributed releases. In a vertical that is only just now gaining momentum as an alternative to piracy, Paul leads a team of developers in creating data-driven monetization models for the music industry.  At squeezing pennies out of ad serving is just one of the challenges that the on-demand music streaming site meets and defeats everyday.