Making Data Actionable on the Advertiser Side (and How the Pubs Can Help Too)

May 19, 2011—7:30 pm

About the Session

Now more than ever advertisers and their agencies are being inundated with campaign and channel-level data that can (and should) have implications far beyond its original purpose. From the page-level data being passed back in the ad call to the audience insights that can be derived from social and 3rd party data buys, advertisers are sitting with a treasure trove of data. Yet more often than not, this data, and its learnings are only being applied within the channel it derived from. However in order to take full advantage of this online data pass back, additional pass back is required offline, ensuring that this data better informs and dictates both within-channel as well as cross-channel macro level and buying strategy. This can range from using domain-level exchange learnings to drive site-direct buys, to using keyword-level SEM performance to help inform Search Re-Targeting, and social behavior to drive mobile ad strategy.

This session will discuss how advertisers can apply this aggregated data across channels and work with their pub partners to ensure the necessary level and quantity of data is being passed back.

About the Speaker

Sara LivingstonSara Livingston
Manager, Online Marketing

Sara Livingston is the Manager of Digital Marketing at SeamlessWeb where she oversees all consumer targeted digital marketing. This encompasses both acquisition & brand awareness initiatives spanning across a variety of digital channels including display, search, mobile, social, email, and integrated partnerships.
Prior to joining SeamlessWeb, Sara managed digital media at TheLadders, overseeing all direct response campaigns. Additionally Sara has spent time on the agency side, working on digital media strategy for clients across a variety of verticals including financial services, CPG, education, travel, and healthcare.
Sara holds a Bachelors of Economics and Communications from The University of Michigan.