Keynote: When will Online Advertising Evolve?

September 30, 2010—6:00 pm

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The digital marketplace is fast paced and ever changing but for all our so called innovation, we remain stuck in the primordial ooze from where we came [or “we fail to truly evolve”]. The lack of standards and compatibility among buyers and among sellers hold us back. Our industry’s inability to agree over the user of data is damaging our potential. We must be more aggressive about addressing the increasing demands of a digital centric environment with an appropriate technological response and create long term advantages for our companies and our clients. It exceeds storing data and connects data to action, and suggests a new model of distribution. Every digital penny spent provides a unique window into users and their interaction with brands, until we capitalize on this advantage we continue to crawl, we fail to walk let alone run, we fail to evolve.This session will talk through the steps we must take as an industry to move forward and how operations is central to our success.


About the Speaker

Edward Montes Havas MediaEdward Montes is EVP, Managing Director of Havas Digital US, the interactive network of Havas Media. He is responsible for the development and leadership of Media Contacts US and Canada, managing MC staff spread across five North American offices: New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto. Previously, Montes served as Managing Director of the Boston office, the largest of Media Contacts’ US operations. Within this role, Montes demonstrated an exceptional rapport with clients and a proven ability to not only lead the organization, but drive strategic new business objectives as well.

Prior to Havas Digital, Edward worked at Yahoo! Inc.  During his tenure he served as the Director of Special Projects for Yahoo!’s Media, Entertainment, Information, and Finance Groups and the General Manager of Yahoo! Delivers, Yahoo!’s direct marketing advertising product. Immediately following his tenure at Yahoo!, Montes served as a consultant to the wireless technology industry providing insights into the data application sector and the delivery of advertising to mobile handsets.