Keynote Sponsor: The Rubicon Project – Real-Time Trading

April 18, 2012—1:20 pm


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Real-Time Trading: Automation and Increased Revenue for Publishers

We are in a world where trades are happening in real time, providing data and insights that allow the buyer and seller to understand and act on the true value of each impression. Great liquidity in the market at lower cost of access will be a requirement for the industry to grow. Learn how Rubicon Project's latest technologies, REVV Connect and REVV OS, makes it easier for buyers to buy, helps premium publishers overcome struggles with scaling private marketplaces, while providing total insights into online ad revenue and trend data in one dashboard.

About the Speaker 

Josh Wexler
SVP, Market Development
The Rubicon Project

Josh Wexler, SVP of Market Development for The Rubicon Project, is a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader with meaningful experience across consumer, media, and technology industries, who loves bringing new ideas to market. At the Rubicon Project, Josh is responsible for activating major web publishers and media companies. Previously, from August of 2004 through January 2008, Josh crisscrossed the US media-technology ecosystem evangelizing and growing SWMX – SoftWave Media Exchange – where he was a co-founder and CEO. SWMX groundbreaking platform competed fiercely against the likes of Google and eBay in a quest to create a media exchange for the radio, cable, and television advertising industry. Earlier in his career, he was co-founder and Vice President of Hypnotic Hats Ltd., (HYP), a boutique apparel and accessories company that received significant marketplace attention in the early '90s as a brand-favorite among celebrities, professional athletes, the fashion elite and music industry icons.

About the Sponsor

The Rubicon Project, the world leader in Yield Optimization technology, launched in 2007 with a mission to automate buying and selling across the $65 billion global online advertising industry. Powered by data-driven algorithms and pricing intelligence data, REVV, the company’s yield optimization platform, has optimized more than 1.5 trillion ad transactions for more than 450 of the largest properties on the Internet. REVV helps premium web publishers like NBC Universal, Time Inc., and CareerBuilder make more money by optimizing their ad space, eliminate unnecessary ad operations costs and protect their brands. The platform powers the REVV Marketplace, the world’s largest premium display advertising marketplace. More than 650 ad networks, exchanges and DSPs access premium inventory and audiences through the REVV Marketplace and its unparalleled reach of more than 565 million unique users. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Seattle, London, Paris, Hamburg and Sydney, the company is backed by $60 million in funding from Clearstone Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, IDG Ventures Asia, Comcast Ventures and News Corporation.