Keynote Presentation: The Ad Operations Revolution

December 09, 2010—2:15 pm

Keynote Presentation

Russell GlassRussell Glass

The Ad Operations Revolution

The ad operations role is undergoing a sea of change:

– Huge influence in the ad ecosystem is shifting to math-driven decisions and exchange auctions
– Significant ad dollars and value have shifted from offline to online to contextual to audience targeted
– The folks holding the purse strings are increasingly looking for real numbers to back up spend

These trends are all leading in the same direction: the role of ad operations is proving to be the lynchpin in the successful strategy and execution of any business playing in the world of digital media. In the past, it was the sales executives, creative types and the account managers that owned and primarily influenced the strategy and success of a campaign. Now, it’s the ad ops manager that suddenly finds him or herself in the driver’s seat. What does this mean for all the AdMonsters in the room?

Russell Glass is the CEO of Bizo, an online targeting platform for B2B publishers and advertisers. Russ is a serial technology entrepreneur, having founded or held senior positions at four venture-backed technology companies. He is deeply committed to ethical and transparent ad targeting that delivers results for B2B advertisers while enhancing the online experiences for business-oriented web users. Most recently Russ led the marketing and product management teams as a Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advertising Products at ZoomInfo, a business information search engine, where he honed his B2B marketing skill-set and developed his love for business data.  In 1999 he founded and led AGEA Corp., an interactive notification software company, until selling to Avalon Digital Marketing in 2003 where he served as Vice President of Enterprise Solutions. Russ began his career as a sales manager at Trilogy Software in Austin, Texas.  A graduate of Duke University, Russ resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.