Keynote: Mobile, Tangible Design & the Future of Everything

April 19, 2012—5:20 pm

A return to tangible design is here and it will radically change the world around us. Digital tangible design is going to affect more than just our mobile devices. It will bypass Shortcodes and QR codes, both of which marketers don’t know how to promote and consumers don’t know how to use. The future lies within the intuitive nature of mobile technologies, such as NFC and Machine Vision. These developments maximize the “Return on Experience” by injecting technological benefits into everyday objects. This session will focus on how to best use these technologies to deliver real and scalable benefit for both consumers and brands through natural interactions.



Michael Nicholas

Chief Strategy Officer, Roundarch Isobar

Michael has a passionate understanding of brands and technology. He has worked in creativity and technology over his advertising career and has decided in today's convergent world they are now nearly impossible to separate.

Michael has led various agency start-ups, offices and strategy groups for the past 15 years. Fom Boston to San Francisco, he has garnered global experiences that range from launching services like AOL instant messenger to launching products like Motorola RAZR.

Over his career Michael has developed communication designs that drive brand interaction for companies including adidas, Coca-Cola, Nokia, AOL, Motorola, Reebok, Microsoft, Philips, Napster, Samsung and TiVo.

These days you can usually find Michael at one of the Isobar agencies in Boston, New York or San Francisco, but you can always find him on twitter.