Jonathan Despinidic: An Operations Communication Plan

September 14, 2011—5:30 pm

About the Speaker

Jonathan Despinidic, Jemm Media

Jonathan has almost a decade of experience in the online media space. His passion lies in business, technology, online media and where the three converge in the middle. Jonathan joined Jemm from one of Australia’s largest private ad networks, Digital Network Sales (DNS) where he launched performance media products and oversaw the ad operations team. Prior to this Jonathan assisted in the Launch of TPN (The Performance Network) in Australia and worked at Ninemsn in their Performance Media division.

Jonathan has a deep understanding of the ever changing digital landscape and how a brand can enhance its marketing power through the strategic use of clever technology. Jonathan will be central to Jemm’s transition from a traditional ad network model to a technology driven environment based on real time bidding with smarter and more efficient media buying.

About the Session

The importance of developing great internal partners (staff, specialists etc,) and the right external partners (technology vendors, etc)