IAB: Digital Advertising in the Age of Do-Not-Track

August 20, 2012—8:15 pm

Early deployment of the “do-not-track” (DNT) privacy header flag by some browser makers means that publishers should expect to see rapid proliferation of DNT signals from web users starting in 2013. This browser-based privacy protocol is currently under development by a working group of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and though the specification is not nearly complete, recent partial implementations by browser makers and web user agents have forced digital publishers and advertisers to consider if, when and how they will honor the nascent privacy signal.

Chris Mejia of the IAB’s Ad Technology Group has been representing the digital advertising industry at the W3C’s DNT proceedings and will give us an insider’s look at the W3C’s development of DNT, with a status update on the specification work-in-progress. This session will also attempt to debunk some of the more popular myths surrounding DNT today, providing publishers and advertisers with concrete information to consider before adoption.