Half Group Session 1a: Viewable Impressions

June 18, 2012—5:15 pm


Session Title: The Next Metric: Viewable Impressions

As the digital marketing industry continues to grow the discussion around the metrics we use and deliver to clients have come under scrutiny.

The front-runner in the mire of new metrics being banded about on the display scene is the Viewable Impression, defined as “…officially occurring when the ad content is loaded, rendered and at least 60% of the ad surface area is within the visible area of a viewer's browser window on an in focus web page for at least one second.”

Petri Vatanen is one such publisher that has thrown his company - Sanoma News - into the limelight by embracing this new metric – get his thoughts and findings in this insightful session.

About the Speaker:

Petri Vatanen
Business Development Manager
Sanoma News