Half Group B: Online Video Practices: Do the Ends Justify the Means?

August 22, 2011—5:45 pm


About the Session

Online Video Practices: Do the Ends Justify the Means?

What are the specters surrounding video advertising and delivery? Publishers, networks, technology companies, agencies, and advertisers have all played a hand in developing the video space to where it is today. This session will explore the controversies and state of video today, with a blunt focus on diving into the myths, truths, and half-truths that perpetuate throughout the industry.



About the Speakers

Garik Goldsheyd, Digital Broadcasting GroupGarik Goldsheyd
VP, Media Operations
Digital Broadcasting Group, US

Garik Goldsheyd oversees campaign operations, ad format development, and new publisher implementation at DBG, while contributing to product development and systems implementation. He is responsible for ensuring smooth operations in distributing across the DBG Video Network. Prior to joining DBG in 2009, Garik worked at Mediavest and Tangible Media in digital operations and interactive media buying and planning fields.