Half Group A: Implementing a New Inventory Management System

August 22, 2011—5:45 pm


About the Session

Edmunds.com & American Media Inc. have both recently completed the transition to new advertising inventory management systems. We will discuss the end-to-end process from business justification, all the way through vendor selection and system rollout/transition. We’ll review how we decided on our vendors, what went well and more importantly, what we would do differently if we had to do it again.



About the Speakers

Spannbauer Bradley Spannbauer
Director, Advertising Operations

Bradley’s extensive 16 years of experience in the industry began with the conception of his very own internet service provider, Digital World Communications in upstate New York. He shifted his focus to consumer and business-to-business product management at internet pioneering companies such as AOL, Netscape, and United Online. Today, as the Director of Ad operations at Edmunds.com where he manages the account management, inventory management, and technical operations teams, he continues to maximize revenue and increase delivery rates through focus on process improvements.



Megan Smith
Director, Ad Operations
American Media Inc.