Half Group 3B: Custom Sponsorship Pricing: Best Practices

August 22, 2011—8:00 pm


About the Session

Custom Sponsorship Pricing: Best Practices

It is often heard in the industry that “Custom is non-profitable,” but there is sufficient evidence to suggest that this is untrue.  By applying analytical rigor and respecting a set of business rules, you can transform custom sponsorship pricing into something less speculative and confidently make these sponsorships a significant part of your business. But how do you price new sponsorships when nearly everything about potential performance and traffic is speculation? Learn some strategies and best-practices for aligning the interests of the publisher and advertiser to keep your site’s custom sponsorship executions in the black.



About the Speaker

Jay Wilson, PhotobucketJay Wilson
Director, Pricing and Yield Management

Jay Wilson is the Director of Pricing at Photobucket for all branded/direct sales. Prior to joining Photobucket in early 2010, Jay worked in developing online retailing strategies and managed whole goods pricing through a six-channel sales network. He was introduced to custom display media pricing when he started a small online gaming company in 2008.