Guest Speaker Session: The Micro Economics that Underly Display Advertising

November 15, 2011—2:20 pm

About the Session

The Microeconomics that underly Display Advertising

This session will cover recent trends in research on the economics of advertisement markets that are characterised by rapid advancements in the technology used to allocate and deliver ads. The focus will be on the ways in which economists conceptualise and model advertising markets, and on how they are using these tools to think about the future evolution of the marketplace and the implications of emerging technologies for the publishing industry more broadly.

About the Speaker

Greg TaylorGreg Taylor, Microeconomist, The Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University


Greg Taylor an economist and research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford, UK and an associate member of the economics group at Nuffield College, Oxford. His main research interests lie within the domain of applied microeconomic theory, especially industrial organisation, auction theory, information economics, and other applications of game theory. He is currently working on projects to apply these tools to help understand the functioning (and dysfunctioning) of interactions mediated by the Internet, particularly with respect to advertising and consumer search. Previously, Greg was based in the Division of Economics at the University of Southampton.