Getting a Grip on Third-Party Data

March 05, 2012—6:15 pm


About the Session


Getting a Grip on Third-Party Data

The greatest challenge for publishers jumping on the third-party data bandwagon is figuring out how to operationalize it. Citing his experience as Globe and Mail Revenue Planning Manager, Michael Hagley says publishers first need to understand how they are going to layer data and what the real benefit will be. Hagley will also discuss vendor selection, how to build data-based products and educating and supporting the sales team.


About the Speaker


Michael HagleyMichael Hagley

Revenue Planning Manager 

The Globe and Mail



Michael Hagley, Revenue Planning Manager for The Globe and Mail, started his online career with Rogers Cable in Canada at the start of the broadband network explosion across North America. He spent time working with leaders of the time @Home, and a number of leading U.S. cable companies. This is where Michael built expertise in network operations on a national scale, with data centers in Ontario and in British Columbia. Later Michael would go on to manage a couple full-service, web-based client services agencies, various I.T. operations for web startups and finally into ad operations with Quebecor, one of Canada’s largest technology and news companies. At Quebecor, Michael managed a national ad operations team serving 275 owned and operated websites and 43 partner sites. He also built his expertise in ad operations, remnant revenue management, implemented price and yield management, and maintained a 1% under-delivery rate by line item for over a year.