From TV to OTT: What’s Next for Video?

July 18, 2013—8:40 pm

For years, consumers only had one option when they wanted to watch a show — they needed to turn on their television set. Today, with the advent of online video, smart devices, and streaming services, all that has changed. Viewers and content providers alike are trending toward customizable, binge-friendly content that can be viewed whenever, wherever. Non-traditional competitors like Netflix, Amazon, Verizon, and Xbox are creating original shows of their own, providing consumers with more options than ever before. In his keynote, AOL’s Ran Harnevo will discuss the intricacies and nuances of these trends, describing how they came to be. He’ll draw on his decade of executive experience to explain why this convergence has resulted in a pivotal moment for online video, and he’ll offer predictions for the future.