From the Sidewalk to the Register: Mobile + Location + Shopping

April 19, 2012—3:30 pm

Location is the key to relevancy in mobile marketing because place and time are strong predictors of intent. As location becomes woven into every aspect of our mobile phone experience, brands are seizing the opportunity to use mobile to engage with consumers in a mindset to make a purchase – when they are near the store . Now with the advent of mobile wallets and card-linked offers, closed loop ROI for mobile is now emerging as a reality. With 6 years in location-based marketing and over 130 brands that have used ShopAlerts®, Placecast now has the largest norms database on the effectiveness of location-based mobile offers and will share insight and best practices from new research around trends in location-based mobile marketing.

Alistair Goodman
CEO of Placecast

Alistair Goodman is CEO of Placecast, a leader in location-based mobile marketing. Placecast is the developer of the geo-fencing service ShopAlerts, the most scalable, proven, location-based mobile marketing system currently available.  ShopAlerts is licensed by operators like O2 and AT&T as well as directly by brands and credit card companies.  

Previously, Alistair served as Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Exponential Interactive, an online media services and technology company whose flagship brand, the Tribal Fusion ad network, grew to be one of the largest privately-held digital media companies in the US. Prior to joining Exponential, he was a founder and Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Impli, a digital media  company which was acquired by PRN. Earlier in his career, he worked first on Wall Street and then as a management consultant for both CSC Index and Corven UK Ltd. Alistair received a BA from Haverford College, the C.E.P from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg School of Management and was a Henry Luce scholar in Asia from 1993-94. He is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post.