Focus Session: The Zen of Yield Management

September 30, 2010—4:00 pm

About the Session

This is not a discussion of the what, why or whether you should do yield management. This is about how you practice yield management and what it means to your day to day operations, as well as your approach to strategic goals. How do you answer the questions of: what is the optimal sell through, or how to identify the right product mix, as well as other koans of yield management.

About the Speaker

Daniel Reiners Wall Street Journal AdMonstersDan Reiners has been involved in revenue management and forecasting for over ten years, starting with Frontier Airlines, and moving through a series of business intelligence and revenue yield management positions within travel dot coms, including Travelocity. He moved to the NYC Department of Education to do enrollment planning for the high school matching process. In 2006 he joined Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones to do inventory forecasting and yield management where he remains to this day. Dan is a mid-pack Cat 4 cyclist and an avid traveler, doing his best to eat his way around the world.