Focus Session: Publisher Success Across Multiple Platforms – The Operations Opportunity

September 30, 2010—8:15 pm

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About the Session

For publishers, an increasing number of new platforms like the ipad, various mobile operating systems and interactive TV have provided new revenue channels, additional inventory and new targeting capabilities. For Ad Operations, this fragmented media landscape must be seen less as a challenge and more as an opportunity for success. This session will discuss how publishers should take on multiple platforms and how operations is leading the charge.

About the Speaker

Rob Deichert, Weather Channel, AdMonsters SpeakerRob Deichert Jr.
Senior Vice President of Ad Operations
The Weather Channel

Rob Deichert is the Senior Vice President of Digital Advertising Operations for The Weather Channel where he is responsible for all ad operations, pricing and inventory, strategy and processes for TWC’s digital properties which include®, The Weather Channel Desktop and The Weather Channel Mobile.

Most recently, Deichert served as senior vice president in global sales development for AOL, where he managed the strategy and operational monetization of AOL’s owned and operated inventory. In this role, Deichert and his team focused on ensuring AOL had the industry’s leading advertising solutions across AOL Media.

Before joining AOL in 2006, Deichert was director of ad operations at Prior to that, Deichert was at Mars & Co, a boutique strategy consulting firm.

Deichert received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s degree of business administration from the University of Maryland. Deichert currently resides in New York.

Rob Deichert Jr. was featured in a AdMonsters Member Profile.