Focus Session: Getting the Right Impression in Front of the Right Person

September 30, 2010—4:00 pm

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About the Session

From ad exchanges to DSPs, agencies have seen an explosion of options made available to them to help them reach their target audience. With these options, ad operations is now more than ever called in to help make the proper media buying decisions. How does an agency ad ops leader decide which path to take? This session will walk through how agencies assess their options in the market and provide insight to agencies, publishers and networks on what they need to do to get on the buy.

About the Speaker

Mitch Weinstein, Universal McCann AdMonsters SpeakerMitch Weinstein
Vice President, Director of Digital Ad Operations

Mitch Weinstein is the Vice President, Director of Digital Ad Operations at UM/J3, where he oversees trafficking, reporting, and overall campaign management and implementation.  He focuses on the latest in ad serving and targeting technologies, ensuring that clients are maximizing their budgets, reaching their target audiences, and achieving their objectives in the most efficient manner possible.