Focus Session: Commercial Excellence in Online Video

September 30, 2010—4:00 pm

About the Sponsor

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About the Session

Audiences today consume more online video content, more often, for longer periods of time, at higher bit-rates, and on more devices than ever before…and by all measures online video consumption will only grow exponentially more.  How do we scale online video ad operations to keep pace with this growth while maintaining quality and accountability?  This presentation offers how NBC Universal Digital Media’s Internet Commercial or iComm for short process innovated online video ad operations, leveraging NBCUs broadcast commercial operations assets.  We’ll share what we’ve learned while working on iComm in terms of standards and best-practices that any website monetizing its online video can adapt.

About the Speakers

Michael Healey NBC UniversalMike Healey: A recognized online media industry pioneer and seasoned ad operations professional for over 12 years, Mike Healey has led Sales Fulfillment for NBC Sports & Olympics through the Vancouver 2010 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.  Between Games Mr. Healey’s an associate producer for Sunday Night Football Extra and leads ad operations for,, and  Mr. Healey joined NBC Universal to work on >nbbc a digital start-up which was contributed to form the joint-venture that became Hulu.  Prior to NBCU, Mr. Healey’s led ad operations at The Wall Street Journal Online,, and New York Times Digital.  Mr. Healey received his MPS in Interactive Telecommunications from the Tisch School of the Arts of New York University and his BA in English from Montclair State University.  Mr. Healey is a veteran of the United States Air Force and served four years as a Missile Launch Officer on the Minuteman II ICBM.  He and his wife, Melissa, live in South Orange, NJ with their two children.


Cristina Cieplensky of NBC Universal - OPS SpeakerCristina Cieplensky: Cristina Cieplensky leads Video Product Development for NBCU Digital Media Ad Solutions team.  In her current role Ms. Cieplensky implemented VAST and VPAID in order to bring NBCU Digital Media into full IAB compliance.  She currently works on many other high profile projects such as integrating VOD into the current ad-serving platform and manages relationships with third-party vendors.  Ms. Cieplensky’s managed the ad operations team for,,,,, and and in that time she oversaw many successful new product launches such as a full-episode widget, mobile video, one ad per pod and select-an-ad.  Moreover she’s a veteran of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, having managed sales fulfillment for 35 national ad campaigns.  Prior to working for NBCU, Ms. Cieplensky owned her own children’s birthday party business where she developed the skills to think on her feet and to deal with any situation.  Cristina is a born-and-bred Jersey girl and lives in West New York.