Focus On Session: Premium at Scale

October 06, 2011—8:10 pm

Session Sponsored by aiMatch 



About the Session

Premium at Scale

It isn’t enough to have a direct sales force. It isn’t enough to create innovative ad products for clients. Success is being able to scale your premium offerings. Chris Batty will share some examples of media owners succeeding at this and provide his insight in how to achieve similar results.

About the Speaker 

Chistopher Batty 

Chief Marketing Officer, Onswipe 

Chris serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Onswipe, leading the go-to-market for the groundbreaking tablet publishing platform. Prior to his role with Onsiwpe, Chris spent 6 years running the business functions at Gawker Media. Previously he worked in the San Francisco offices of Cnet Networks. Chris began his advertising career in ad operations with Left Field (acquired by J Walter Thompson), digital AOR to Amazon, Infoseek, hotmail, ESPN, and more. Advertising Age named Chris a 2010 Media Maven.





About the sponsor aiMatch

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