Focus on Session: Bridging the Divide between Audience Buyers and Sellers

October 06, 2011—8:10 pm

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About the Session

Publishers have audiences. Agencies want to buy audiences. So what's the problem? This conversation-driven session will bring to light the challenges and opportunities related to audience buying/selling and data in today's marketplace. Mitch Weinstein of UM/J3 will ask questions of David Rowley of Blogher and vice versa and seek an understanding between buyers and sellers in what each needs to accomplish to be successful.




About the Speakers

David Rowley, Director of Advertising Operations, BlogHer


As the Director of Ad Operations at BlogHer, David Rowley is charged with leading all aspects of revenue operations, advertising technology and campaign management. For the past two years he has been focused on turning the start-up into a world-class publishing network by introducing scalable solutions such as implementing an order management system, and spearheading the initiative to enhance the company’s targeting capabilities by implementing a data management platform and incorporating page-level contextual targeting. Previously, David helped take deal publisher Travelzoo from start-up to a public company in various roles like account management, product management, and directing revenue & yield optimization. He started in the industry on the agency side at Young & Rubicam doing account management. David holds an MBA from Fordham University, and a BA in Religion & Art from Oberlin College.



Mitch Weinstein Senior Vice President, Director of Digital Ad Operations, UM/J3

Mitch Weinstein is the Senior Vice President, Director of Digital Ad Operations at UM/J3, where he oversees overall campaign management and implementation.  He focuses on the latest developments in ad serving and targeting technologies, ensuring that clients are making the most of their media budgets, reaching their target audiences, and achieving their objectives in the most efficient manner possible.