Flipping On Your Video Channel

March 05, 2012—8:30 pm


About the Session


Flipping On Your Video Channel

After explosive growth in 2011, video ad revenue continues to ramp up as brands shift marketing budgets over to the channel. If you’re not a TV broadcaster with seemingly endless inventory but still want to capture the revenue fervor around the video market, what does it take to launch a video product and keep it aloft? Jana Massey, Senior Director of Advertising Operations for Buzz Media, shares lessons learned around implementing players, challenges with companion ads and discrepancies, setting up and evaluating relationships with networks, and more.


About the Speaker


Jana MasseyJana Massey

Senior Director, Advertising Operations 

Buzz Media


Jana Massey is an online advertising industry veteran of 14 years, currently overseeing ad operations as Senior Director for Buzz Media, publisher of over 40 category-leading entertainment, celebrity and music websites and headquartered in Hollywood. In prior years, she has played pivotal ad ops roles at burgeoning young startups such as Edmunds.com and IGN, helping to solidify their status as mature media companies by using her expertise in ad serving, inventory forecasting and emerging technologies to establish scalable and process-oriented departments. Jana’s diverse background includes acting as the Senior Director for Media Operations for TrafficMarketplace, a leading online ad network, as well as consulting for AdMonsters Professional Services.