Emediate – Premium Targeting After the Cookie Crumbles

April 14, 2011—6:15 pm

About the Sponsor:

Emediate is the leading provider of ad serving technology in the Nordic countries.

Since its inception in 2001, Emediate has grown rapidly and presently employs 30 passionate people in ten countries. Emediate’s continual growth is based on impressing our customers with wit, grit and customer-profit. Our extensive support takes our customers by the hand, we offer more than an ad server – and we customise our solutions to their needs.

A combination that’s earned us a best-in-test award and a ‘Gazelle’ prize — an award given to Denmark’s fastest growing profitable companies – four years running.

With our ad serving product — EmediateAd — we provide web publishers with a complete system for managing, targeting and forecasting digital ads – online and mobile. Currently, we handle more than 45 billion ad impressions per month. With a world-leading brand protection tool — SiteScreen — we prevent online ads from running alongside unwanted content. SiteScreen is based on award-winning semantic content recognition technology.


About the Session

Premium Targeting After the Cookie Crumbles

Official regulation threatens a major part of what the industry has been focused on building in recent times: cookie-based targeting. How should advertisers and publishers be prepared for these changes?

Everyone is talking about the new and exciting technologies out there that pick and choose the right impressions for an advertiser, or the right campaign for a placement, but in an ecosystem of increasing commoditisation it’s worth taking a closer look at that sweet segment of inventory that still commands a premium and delivers results. This talk will look in more detail at non cookie-based targeting techniques and provide some pragmatic advice on selling and delivering them.


About the Speaker

Kate Owen

Country Manager UK, Emediate

Kate Owen joined the digital media industry in the year 2000 and since then has gathered extensive experience in product management, business development, ad sales and digital technology. Until recently based in Munich, Germany, this New Zealander joined the international ad pepper media Group in 2006, heading up business development and publisher relations in that country and overseeing the rollout of Crystal Semantics’ patented semantic content recognition and targeting technology as part of the ad pepper offering. Kate moved back to the UK last year to spearhead the UK expansion of Nordic ad serving market leader Emediate. She holds postgraduate degrees in classical music and European business.