Deliver on the Promise: TV Everywhere is Here

July 18, 2013—1:10 pm

The time for TV Everywhere has arrived. We’ve seen more progress in the past four months than we have in the past four years: We’re now seeing every network planning or exploring live, simulcast and VOD distribution identical to their on-air broadcasts, delivered across PCs, iOS, Android, Xbox, Roku and other devices. How are they doing it? We’ll explore some of the burning questions around content distribution, simulcast vs VOD, scalability, and monetization, and share insights into how organizations are restructuring to accommodate this new approach to digital broadcast. We’ll also look at real-world examples of the impact these changes have on advertising, including ad products and experiences across devices, plus the possibility of bringing the best of the online display world (programatic buying, data, and targeting) to TV. This session will equip participants with the knowledge to deliver on the promise of TV Everywhere.