Defragmenting Social Media Buying

May 15, 2012—7:30 pm


About the Speaker

Nikhil Sethi
Co-founder and CEO


Nikhil Sethi is the Co-founder and CEO of Adaptly, a platform that is changing the way brands increase engagement on social networks by helping them harness the unique value of each social network. Prior to Adaptly, Sethi co-founded Blurtt, which allows users to make, upload and send real postcards to friends around the world. 

Sethi has previously worked at HBO as well as True Ventures in San Francisco. Sethi is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he studied electrical engineering and law. Originally from the Bay Area, Sethi currently lives in New York.

About the Session:


Defragmenting Social Media Buying:

Social network advertising is a time consuming and complicated process. Each platform has its own operational process, its own creative standards, and delivers its own unique site-specific metrics.

Join Nikhil Sethi, CEO & Co-founder of Adaptly, as he discusses the challenges marketers face when buying across different social networks and how they can simplify the buying process. He will analyse the evolution of the social space with a focus on the latest developments and outline the criteria brands should look for when selecting a vendor.