Data : The Policy and Regulatory Environment

July 07, 2011—6:30 pm

About the session

Topic: Data: The Policy and Regulatory Environment 

Data driven advertising models are under regulatory pressure. The political spotlight is on the sector and we need to show we can police ourselves in an innovative and user-friendly way. A cross-EU self-regulatory programme is being implemented and technological innovation will be the key to addressing privacy concerns.


About the Speaker

Nick Stringer,

Director of Regulatory Affairs, Internet Advertising Bureau

Nick joined the IAB – the UK industry body for digital advertising – as its first head of regulatory affairs in April 2008.  He leads the sector, both in the UK and at EU level, in working for the optimal policy environment for digital advertising, in particular on privacy issues, and helping to boost the understanding of digital media and its benefits within regulatory and political circles.  Nick led the work to publish the IAB’s Good Practice Principles for behavioural advertising in March 2009, providing new rules based around notice, choice and education to help guide the industry and enhance consumer trust.  He is also vice-chair of IAB Europe’s Policy Committee, spearheading self-regulatory initiatives at EU level, including the recently launched pan-EU Framework for behavioural advertising. Prior to this, Nick worked at Orange, leading public policy issues across both mobile and broadband sectors.

Twitter Handle: @nickstringer and @IABUK