Data Management Progress – Using a DMP to Drive Revenue

May 19, 2011—7:30 pm


Sponsoring the Session


Lotame™ is the leader in audience data intelligence. Crowd Control™, Lotame’s Audience Data Management Platform, captures and activates publisher’s most valuable asset: demographic, interest, and action level audience data.  Lotame Smart Data™ provides marketers with one of the most extensive and effective sources of audience targeting segments for online brand campaigns.  The Lotame Media Group™ brings together the power of both the Crowd Control platform and Lotame Smart Data into a full-service advertising network that serves brand marketers and their agencies.  Lotame is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), the Interactive Adverting Bureau (IAB), the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and the Online Publishers Association (OPA).


About the Session

Selling audience based products now goes beyond behavioral targeting and requires a data management strategy and a platform to support it. This session will outline the decision processes behind evaluation and implementation of a data management platform as well as provide insight into how media buyers and publishers can partner directly to find the right audience.


About the Speaker

David Rowley
Director of Advertising Operations