Data Beyond Display – DMP as OS

April 18, 2012—2:20 pm


About the Session


Data Beyond Display – DSP as OS


For publishers, a DMP is not just one of the platforms available in the market. Implementing the technology requires an organization to pivot its very thinking, tying together various applications and platforms while linking teams that may not be used to working with each other. Vikram Somaya will detail the development of Thomson Reuters' DMP, examining how a company for whom media is only part of the puzzle can utilize a data management platform in a more holistic manner. He’ll also explain that the key skills for success with a DMP come from today’s revenue operations and management groups.


About the Speaker


Vikram SomayaVikram Somaya

Vice President, Global Operations and Audience

Thomson Reuters



Vikram Somaya currently serves as VP, Global Operations and Audience for the Consumer Media Division of Thomson Reuters. In this role he manages global revenue operations, ad operations, research, analytics, audience data and monetization for all of the 17 global sites. Prior to moving into the publishing world, Vikram served as Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships at BlueKai where he worked on some of the most interesting problems in the audience data business. Vikram has spent most of his 13 year career in the start-up world having served in various business development, strategic partnership and operations roles at Milabra, Phorm, Operative and Audience Science after starting out in the ad agency world at Cliff Freeman and Partners. He currently serves on the advisory boards of four ad technology firms.