Data: Audience Efficiency

February 09, 2012—8:20 pm




Session Title: Audience Efficiency: A new way to think about ad targeting


The scale to deliver 'big data' processes back from the network and advanced audience profiling technology is changing the way we think about online audiences. Tribal Fusion's global head of data and targeting explains how it's not just reach or performance advertisers should be looking for from their media buys, but efficiency.

About the Speaker



Doug Conely
Senior Director for Global & Data Targeting
Tribal Fusion


Doug Conely is senior director for global data & targeting at Tribal Fusion. Based in London, Doug joined in 2009 and is responsible for Tribal Fusion’s data partnerships, data platform and targeting products worldwide.

Prior to Tribal Fusion Doug spent four years at Yahoo! in London. Initially in their European Strategy and M&A team he became increasingly involved in their online display activities and led the integration of Blue Lithium in Europe before moving into ad product strategy where he was responsible for behavioural targeting and building Yahoo’s store purchase data partnership with Nectar.


Doug spent his early career in strategy consulting and corporate finance working primarily in technology, media and telecommunications after receiving a Masters in Engineering from Cambridge University.