comScore Breakout: Double Jeopardy: How to Transact in the Emerging Viewable Impression and Audience Guarantees World

November 12, 2013—5:00 pm

Few industries have seen the level of disruption and high velocity of change that the digital ad industry has experienced in recent years. From the trend toward audience targeting and the shift toward in-target and viewable impression measurement, this industry has been turned upside down in what seems like an instant. Knowing which way is up – let alone which way is forward – presents both challenges and unique advantages.

During this session, test your knowledge and compete to win goats(!) for a good cause in a live game of AdMonstardy (a Jeopardy parody). Hear from others in the industry about what’s working and what’s not, and learn comScore best practices for success as the industry shifts to viewable impression and audience guarantees.