Co-Signing on Mobile: How Ops and Product Can Work Together

November 12, 2012—6:15 pm

Mobile advertising is complicated: new ad formats, new tracking technologies, new business partners…and new opportunities to innovate on behalf of customers. With mobile advertising growing at over 100% YoY and projected by eMarketer to be over $6B in the US by 2014, mobile provides an opportunity that media companies cannot ignore. Trulia currently sees around 1/3 of its traffic from mobile devices, up from just 5% only 18 months ago!

In order to be a leader in the complex, fast-evolving mobile advertising market, companies like Trulia must collaborate across Ad Operations, Product & Engineering teams to ensure we are creating deliverable, scalable solutions that clients will purchase. A successful and innovative mobile advertising offering is the result of clear project ownership, agreed requirements, and thorough investigation of the potential options. Trulia recently completed this process and will share insights about the important factors you need to consider in your mobile advertising roadmap.