Closing the Consumer-Cycle: The Next Generation of Ad Tagging

November 19, 2012—8:10 pm

2012 has been a pivotal moment in human history when we have seen more networked devices that humans on the planet. With Automatic Content Recognition (ACR), devices are beginning to recognise and communicate with one another, and consumers and marketers alike are investigating ‘dual-screen’. Colliding traditional and new media processes, accurate audience measurement finally meets the right ad at the righttime across devices. There are many key challenges for next generation ad tagging for dual screen. What are the business opportunities? What is the correct technology? How will consumers adopt? How will we create true scale? These are just some of the questions Dean Donaldson, Global Head of Innovation at DG MediaMind, will attempt to wrestle with as we explore the latest thinking in ad technology for tagging and delivery.