Changing Market – Changing Roles

February 09, 2012—8:20 pm



Session Title: Changing Market – Changing Roles.          

With the big changes in digital marketing and its technology in the past couple of years this has had a big impact on the roles being performed by Digital Operations and Digital Technology staff. This presentation will have a look at some of these changes from an agency perspective and how media owners and technology companies can benefit from this.



About the Speaker

Robert Webster

Head of Technology





Robert Webster has been Head of Technology for agency giant MediaCom since April 2010 working in the digital sphere across some of the biggest brands on the planet, 


Rob has over 10 years’ experience in online and technology and before moving to Group M Robert spent more than 2 years working as Head of Data & Insight at Unique Digital and prior to that 2 years as Head of Operations for Tacoda.