Building User-Friendly Ads for Mobile

August 19, 2014—3:10 pm

Building User-Friendly Ads for Mobile: Learn How to Increase Customer Engagement, Drive Conversions and Better Understand User Behavior 

With today’s massive shift toward mobility, there is no denying that publishers must provide user-friendly experiences for customers on mobile. Evolving mobile technology has allowed us to bring rich media experiences to the smaller screen. When combined with a contextual understanding of the “lifetime value” of individual consumers, publishers can achieve significantly higher eCPMs, generate larger ad revenues and deliver ads in harmony with the layout and quality of their inventory. 

In this session, attendees will discover how to:
– Achieve the best return per impression by offering a high-end, 3D ad format that generates three to four times the ad engagement of traditional rich media 
– Target effectively in a native environment 
– Access analytics on mobile app user behavior to strengthen user engagement, and increase the overall lifetime value of mobile app users and ROI on app properties