Breaking Down The Paywall

May 15, 2012—3:50 pm

About the Session

Session Title: Breaking Down the Paywall 


There has been a great deal of comment and debate about paywalls. This session considers whether pay-walls have a place in the digital ecosystem, what the implications might be for advertisers and consumers, and explores ways in which content providers could possibly develop additional revenue streams.  


About the Speaker

Peter Slaughter
Director, Advertising Operations
Financial Times

Peter Slaughter joined the Financial Times in 1984. He secured his first managerial role in 1989 and has headed up a variety of business units within the advertisement department. Peter moved to operations in 2001 and was asked to head up the digital ops side of the business in 2005. He has been heavily involved in all aspects of the FT evolution over the last 20 years. He is currently responsible for global ad operations across print and digital, Ad systems and compliance.