Bootstrapping Your Adserver

December 09, 2010—8:00 pm

About the Session:

Bootstrapping Your Adserver

•    As publishers innovate to drive traffic, Ad Servers find themselves unable to be everything to everyone.
•    This session is a one-time-only look at how, the free, on-demand music streaming service cobbled together a handful of “out-of-the-box” servers, internal technology and good ole fashion code-hacking to overcome financial, data, and compliance constraints and deliver some of the highest interaction rates in the industry.


About the Speaker:

Paul Geller GrooveShark AdMonsters.comPaul Geller is the Executive Vice President for Information Products at He has written, produced, and performed on many indie and major distributed releases. In a vertical that is only just now gaining momentum as an alternative to piracy, Paul leads a team of developers in creating data-driven monetization models for the music industry.  At squeezing pennies out of ad serving is just one of the challenges that the on-demand music streaming site meets and defeats everyday. He is currently listening to Couer de Pirate.