Beyond Click Through Rates – Measurement and Mobile

April 19, 2012—3:30 pm

Marketers agree that smartphones and tablets are revolutionizing the opportunity for brands to connect with their target audiences. The challenge is creating audience insights from mobile campaigns in an efficient, scalable manner. Moving beyond delivery and clicks is critical to moving more significant advertising dollars into the medium. This talk will review the lessons learned by game publisher Miniclip as it added a mobile offering to its brand advertising business. Actual campaign data will demonstrate the operational obstacles publishers and marketers face, highlight solutions and progress, and place special emphasis on 3rd party tracking and advanced metrics. The talk will conclude with a short list of recommended best practices designed to enable publishers and marketers to collaborate more efficiently.

John Egan

General Manager, Mobile, Miniclip

John Egan joined Miniclip America to create a new mobile product offering that expands its existing online advertising business. Over the past 12 months he led the evaluation and selection process for ad technology platforms, managed an expansive audience research project, and led early sales efforts to establish mobile-only clients. Miniclip America is the US brand advertising entity for Miniclip SA, which develops, publishes and distributes more than 750 games as cross-platform titles through its website and via app stores for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Prior to Miniclip, John led the Media Development teams for GoFish Youth Entertainment and Adify, focusing on developing site-specific sponsorship opportunities and cross network advertising opportunities.