Better Customer Relationships Are Built Through Play

May 15, 2012—1:20 pm


About the Session

As we live through the mainstreaming of interactive technologies, the power of play is transforming the way we think about customer engagement. The next generation of successful businesses will be defined by their ability to harness play. By focusing on targeting behaviour and understanding some key concepts of gratification, brands can build transformative customer relationships that drive real business value.

About the Speaker

Jonny Shaw
Master Chieftain
Naked Play

Jonny has a unique and truly global perspective on how businesses can better connect through technology. After graduating from Oxford, he won a scholarship to study and live in Japan for a year - having seeing the dawn of the Japanese 'galapagos' mobile technology culture, he was hooked for life. On returning to the UK, Jonny worked at advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty and was a key member of the team that launched Xbox in Europe. During this time he also saw an opportunity for technology to make people's social lives more playful and fun which led him to create Lucky Voice, now Europe's leading karaoke brand and business. Jonny returned to Japan and eventually founded the Naked Communications business there in 2007. Whilst in Japan he worked with many leading brands (Axe, adidas, Coke, Google and many more), and focused on helping them engage with the hyper technology accelerated Japanese consumer. He also worked on many projects in the region (China, India, Korea, etc.) and gained a rich understanding of how technology was transforming and enabling these emerging economies. Jonny has now relocated to New York to lead a new business practice for Naked which is focused on helping businesses embrace the power of Play to find new growth in today's knowledge economy.